Easy Ancestor File Short-cut

Have you ever gone to a library looking for your family members but forgot that one piece of paper with their information on it that you needed?  I know that I have.  Once you have progressed in your genealogy enough you will find that you have potentially hundreds of ancestors to keep track of.  This is no small task.  Many of us don’t have laptop computers to take with us and even if we did, does that library have a wireless connection or outlets near by to use when our batteries run low.  These are things that we need to contend with when we are doing our research.

The solution is a neat tip that I picked up from one of my genealogy buddies.  What you need to do is buy a Rolodex!  Surprising but true!  In a Rolodex you can alphabetize your family and put their basic info. on each card.  You could go even as far as printing out their info. and taping it to the Rolodex card.  This is an awesome way to carry your ancestors information with you in a small container to any location that you might be going. Another tip, if you want, you can now buy different colors of Rolodex cards.  Then you can color code your family lines.

Then, if you have Smith’s on both sides of your family, you know which ones belong to which line.   This is a very easy solution to keeping track of your ancestors and the information that you need on them.

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