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This week, I worked with a Patron of the Family History Center to find information about his Grandmother.  It was very interesting to say the least.  Looking in the Census records under proved to be very successful!  We were able to find his Grandparents and also found out that there were Step-Children listed.  What a great clue!  This means that those children were the step-children of the Head of the House hold.  This also means that the Wife/Mother was probably married once before.  Chances are that she lost her first husband through death or she may have divorced him, which was highly unusual in the 1930’s. I read an article recently that I added to my Genealogy Articles page that talks about divorce in the early years.  It seems that most often, divorces happened through abandonment by one of the spouses.  The majority of the time it was abandonment by the husband because Mothers tended to stick around. So, even though we found this patron’s Grandparents, it opened up a whole new can of worms.  Who was the father of the step-children and what happened to him?  This is something that has definitely piqued his interest in finding out more information on that side of his family. Clues like these will help you add pieces to the puzzle of your family history.  Please keep your eye out for things like this in your own families records.

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