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The holidays are getting closer and that means that we will be preparing to get in contact with some of our relatives.  We’ll share our annual news about our families too.  This is a great time to gear up to talk to your relatives about any information that they can share about your ancestors.

Not only that, even though a loved one may have passed away, you might be surprised at what they left behind.  Sometimes, within their possessions that are passed down, you find out that they have photos, papers and items that can give you “leads” about your family history.  You may even have a cousin, niece or nephew that may not understand the importance of a piece of paper or a photo but has held onto a gold mine of genealogy information.  A good way to bring up the topic of your past family members is by telling a story that was handed down to you.  After sharing the story, you could mention that it would be nice if the family had pictures that could be copied/scanned or papers that could be copied/scanned and shared with everyone in the family that has an interested.  There’s nothing wrong with hinting around for information.  A few times that I have done this, I’ve been blessed to find out that the person is more than willing to share their information with me.  For instance, my Father’s cousin was kind enough to actually mail two of her photo albums to me so that I could scan all of the pictures!  What a treasure that is!  She was so wonderful to do that for me.  I will forever be grateful for her kindness and cooperation.

There are so many great phone plans now that calling our relatives costs very little to nothing at all.  It’s really wonderful how easy it is to stay in touch.  Not to mention using the internet for email.  We are truly blessed to have these  easy ways to communicate!

So, don’t wait.  Make plans now to get in touch with your loved ones!  There are treasurers to find with your relatives!

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