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Genealogy Links

GENERAL LINKS: – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Genealogy website. This website offers many ways to search. You can search by name, category, location, etc.  See if you can find any information.  You might be surprised. – Cyndi’s List Website is world-renowned. It has links that cover each and every genealogy topic imaginable. Lot’s to look at here and a great help! – This is a genealogy co-op, so to speak. Everyone helps each other and it’s almost always at little or no cost. It’s sorted by city, state, country and nationalities. I’ve had a lot of luck here. – This is the genealogy section of the Hillsborough County Library website. I believe that this is one of the best on-line collection of genealogy information for a public library that I have ever seen. – The Florida State Archives has a wealth of information. A great deal of information about Florida history as well as on-line Collections. – This is a great resource of Hillsborough County, Florida information. It even has Census records for Hillsborough County. Includes Slave Schedules and Mortality Census” from the 1800’s. Thank You Sheila! – Florida State Genealogical Society website offers membership to their society and genealogical newsletters. – Pinellas County Genealogical Society is a very hard-working group of genealogy lovers. They have compiled several databases. A great group of people! – This is the link to the National Archives. There is quite a lot that you can find out about our Nations record keeping and also some searches that you can do. I found my Great-Great Grandfather’s ship record from when he immigrated to the U.S.! – Bureau of Land Management, General Land Office Records – The Bureau of Land Management offers free online database access to Federal land conveyance records for the Public Land States, images of more than two million Federal land title records issued between 1820 and 1908 for the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin. Not only is this an index, there are also images of the actual land patent records. You can also order certified paper copies of your ancestors patents if you find them! – Search by location!  This is a great website that has many cemetery records from across the world.  It’s a great resource! – This is a great website for anyone that had relatives come in through this port of entry at Ellis Island. You can put in your last name or family name and it will search. Hopefully it will come up with some of your ancestors! – This is a part-free and part-paid website. A little information is free but it’s best if you have a membership. I’ve been able to find quite a lot of information! Hillsborough County’s Library System has a free membership that can ONLY be accessed by their computers at all of their branch locations for free. At home, you would need to pay for access to their records. – FREE Section! This is the link to’s Social Security Death Index. I picked this one because keeps their list updated more than anyone else that I’ve found. It’s free and they pay for the quarterly updates. Some other sources don’t have the financial backing to keep it updated quarterly like they do. Anyone who has lived and died with a Social Security number will be listed here. Please keep in mind that many women did not work and they are not listed. I found that out in my searches too. – This website is a great resource of information about Indentured Servants.  Many that came to the U.S. traveled here by way of promising to work for a time to earn passage to the U.S.  Others earned land this way as well.  Please take a look at this website and learn more. – The article is great for beginner genealogists and it includes MANY links towards the bottom.  Thanks Riley!

FLORIDA GENEALOGY LINKS: – Census Finder – Florida Census Records Online: Includes various types of Florida Census records for the entire state.  There is a section where the Census records are broken down by county and year also.  Great resource! – LDS Genealogy-Florida Genealogy – This website lists all of the links for records that are located at  Lots of great info.!

ORAL HISTORY INTERVIEW QUESTIONS: – JewishGen is a great source for people with Jewish ancestry. It also has an awesome Oral History interview that you can copy onto Word. Then use the questions to video tape or voice-record on cassette tape the interview of a relative. To get the Oral History interview questions, please scroll down to the category Genealogical Techniques and click on Oral History Questions. It’s great and I’ve used it myself for older living relatives. You not only receive great information but it gives you the sound of their voice for a lifetime. Very Neat! – A list of great questions to ask in Genealogy Interviews for Oral Histories. Tips for organizing all of the information that you receive from your Oral Family History Interviews.

KIDS GENEALOGY INFORMATION: Great website for helping kids to do their genealogy. – Family history geared for kids.  Games, activities, and various youth leveled family history to share with the children in your life.

TAMPA CEMETERY INFORMATION: – The city of Tampa owns and maintains 4 cemeteries which are Woodlawn Cemetery, Jackson Heights Cemetery, Oaklawn Cemetery, and Marti/Colon Cemetery. There’s a small search box that you can enter your ancestors names to see if they may have been buried in the one of the four cemeteries. It’s a wonderful database!

GENEALOGICAL  SOCIETIES: – The National Genealogical Society – This is their mission statement that tells us what this society is all about!  “The National Genealogical Society, a non-profit organization founded in 1903, is the premier national society for everyone from the beginner to the most advanced family historian.  The NGS serves its members by: Providing genealogical skill development through education, information, publications, research assistance, and networking opportunities; Establishing and promoting the highest standards of ethical research principles and scholarly practices; Establishing important links with other groups worldwide; Providing depth and breadth of knowledge and opportunities for our members; Creating programs to increase public awareness of opportunities to discover family history; and, Promoting interest in the fascinating field of genealogy and family history. – Florida Genealogical Society – “Our goal is to promote the study and collection of genealogies, family history and local history. The Florida State Genealogical Society (FSGS) provides Florida source materials through the publication of books, the quarterly publication, The Florida Genealogist, and the newsletter, Florida Lines. Research services are available to those who are seeking a Florida Pioneer Certificate. Educational opportunities are given through the annual conference and workshops. In order to further promote and support genealogy throughout the State, FSGS provides honorary membership to every Florida genealogy society.” – The Florida Historical Society – “The Florida Historical Society is the only statewide  historical society in the Sunshine State.  Originally founded in St. Augustine in 1856, the Society was reorganized in 1902 and began holding an annual meeting for the purpose of providing a forum for professional historians and laypersons interested in Florida history. ” – Daughters of the American Revolution – “The DAR, founded in 1890 and headquartered in Washington, D.C., is a volunteer women’s service organization dedicated to promoting patriotism, preserving American history, and securing America’s future through better education for children.” – National Society of the Daughters of the American Colonists – “Honor the past, appreciate the present and plan for the future.” – Order of the Founders and Patriots of America – This society is for, “Any man of the age of eighteen years, of good moral character and reputation and a citizen of the United States, who is lineally descended in the male line of either parent, from an ancestor who settled in any of the Colonies now included in the United States of America prior to 13 May 1657 and one or all of whose intermediate ancestors in the same line. who lived in the period of the Revolution. from 1775 to 1783, adhered as patriots to the cause of the Colonies, shall be eligible for membership in the Order. – – – In addition, if the father or either the paternal or maternal grandfather of the prospective member met these qualifications he would also be eligible.” – The International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies – The IAJGS is an organization of organizations. It was formed in the late 1980’s to provide a common voice for issues of significance to its members, to advance our genealogical avocation, and to coordinate items such as the annual Jewish Genealogy Conference. – Federation of East European Family History Societies – “(FEEFHS) was organized in 1992 as an umbrella organization that promotes family research in eastern and central Europe without any ethnic, religious, or social distinctions. It provides a forum for individuals and organizations focused on a single country or group of people to exchange information and be updated on developments in the field. While it primarily serves the interests of North Americans in tracing their lineages back to a European homeland, it welcomes members from all countries.

MILITARY RECORDS: – This is a website where you can look up the Confederate pensions in Florida that were authorized in 1885 and granted to veterans the sum of just $5.00 per month.  Not much today but a lot of money then! – Wars/International Relations: Including Civil War, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Cold War, Diplomatic Records…
Genealogy/ Personal History: Including Casualties, Civilians, Military Personnel, Passenger Lists, Prisoners of War. – Links for various branches of the military. Request Copies of Military Personnel Records

EASTERN EUROPEAN FAMILY HISTORY: – Federation of East European Family History Societies is one of personal favorites because a large part of my family is from Eastern Europe.  Great website with wonderful databases to assist you! – Great list of Eastern European Links!  Great variety of locations!

BLACK FAMILY HISTORY: – “AfriGeneas is a site devoted to African-American genealogy, to researching African Ancestry in the Americas in particular and to genealogical research and resources in general. It is also an African Ancestry research community featuring the AfriGeneas mail list, the AfriGeneas message boards and daily and weekly genealogy chats. – The University of South Florida has created the Africana Heritage Project.  This is a wonderful website with articles, facts and research helps about African-American ancestry.  Click on “Enter the Research Library” in the left hand menu and it will take you to lots of information and links to help you with your research!  Please take a look! – Christine’s Genealogy Website is a great resource for Black history and Genealogy. I highly recommend it!

CUBAN FAMILY HISTORY: – Cuban Genealogy Center – Resources for those searching for their Cuban roots. Lots of great information for Cuban ancestry. – Cuban Genealogy Club of Miami Florida.  Offers membership, cemetery records, family tree index, and links. – Kindred Trails has many resources for those with Cuban ancestry.  Including maps, cultural info., and other links. – This is a forum that you can go to so that you can write to others online about your Cuban genealogy.

HISPANIC/LATIN HISTORY: – Hispanic Genealogy Center Web Page looks like a great website. Covers Hispanic/Latin family history. – Various links for people with ancestors from Spain.

CARIBBEAN FAMILY HISTORY: – Caribbean Genealogy Links sorted by Countries.

JEWISH FAMILY HISTORY: – The primary internet source connecting researchers of Jewish genealogy worldwide.   A spectacular amount of research information for anyone with Jewish ancestors! – The Jewish Genealogical Society.  Lot’s of great information, especially in the New York area. – Has lots of great links!

ITALIAN FAMILY HISTORY: – Italian Family History resources. Great information! – Lots of genealogy information, dual citizenship info.,  Italian recipes, translations, and record requests. – Wonderful resource with many links to get information about your Italian Ancestry. – A wonderful Italian club that helps preserve and honor their Italian ancestry. Great website.

ASIAN FAMILY HISTORY: – Asian & Pacific genealogy links.

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