Irish Naming Rules

Ireland Castle

Irish naming rules are used in many ethnic groups. It can be confusing when you are looking up your ancestors when you find many relatives with the same first name.  However, the Irish naming rules can be a big help too.   This guide will help you to sort through the names, if your family seems to have followed these rules.  When there are multiple first names in one family, your next focus should be on tracking the dates that they lived to sort them more easily.

For Boys

  • Oldest son is named after the father’s father
  • Second son is named after the mother’s father
  • Third son is named after the father
  • Fourth son is named after the father’s oldest brother

For Girls

  • Oldest daughter is named after the mother’s mother
  • Second daughter is  named after the father’s mother
  • Third daughter is named after the mother
  • Fourth daughter is named after the mother’s oldest sister

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